Unmanned  Vehicles and Robot Innovative Systems


With the experience gained over the years in complex unmanned and robotic applications (see for example the Space Shuttle Arm developed by our senior Engineers ) from the point of view of robotics, radio transmissions, electronics and automation, our Team is developing humanoid systems that are able to drive in remote complex units.

The radio control is evolving: from the kit (https://www.zaglio.com/innovation)  to the robotic humanoid system that can give you the "feel", to have the feeling as if you are working directly on the spot.

This evolution allows you to remotely operate each type of systems like for example:

defense systems
systems dangerous for the operator
remote surgery systems

With these unmanned humanoid systems you have the ability to install the humanoid exactly in the place where there is normally the operator with simple and immediate operations.

Once the humanoid system is installed it is able to govern perfectly as if the operator was on board.


The system consists of:

the humanoid to be installed on board and the remote system which the operator can use to drive the humanoid.

With this application you have the possibility, for example to drive remote complex aircraft, mage-tanks, hazardous systems.

The system is simple to use: just move your arm that the human's arm moves in the same way, just grab an object and you have the exact feeling of what you're grabbing and pressing.

It 'just as if you were exactly on field!

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